Hosting Smaller Size Events

Everyone likes big events and parties, but these days are a little different. In some cities the events are very limited to the amount of people that are allowed to attend depending on the occasion.
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Guest List

This meaning that said groups are limited to smaller groups. One of the most important things to remember is who will be invited.

You want to invite people that will come. Don’t waste time inviting people that normally don’t show up at events. Save those for people that actually like going out. Also, don’t invite people that might live too far from the location. Many people are reluctant to travel far for a small occasion.

Find a Good Caterer

Because your guest list will be a little smaller than normal, find a local caterer. This will give you more time to spend with your guests. This way you will not feel like you have to pawn guests off on each other while you attend to other aspects of the get together.

They can provide plenty of refreshments to keep the guests occupied so they don’t feel rushed to leave. In addition to the beverages, they can also assist you in choosing whether you are going to just provide snacks or meals for everyone.

Pick a Good Location

Finding a centralized location (after you made your guest list), will determine how many of the invites will make it. Of course the size of the hall matters, don’t pay too much mind if the hall seems too big for the event. Many halls are able to provide dividers or curtains to make the hall not seem overwhelming and where one can get lost in.

Keeping Your Distance

We all are trying to keep some distance between us these days. Having a larger banquet hall can allow for this by providing the proper spacing between seating and tables. Another thing is to hire a caterer with a small staff. This way only one or two people are handling the food and beverages. You won’t have everyone’s hands in everything.

These are just some ideas not that restrictions are starting to loosen. If you need some more ideas or would just like to talk to someone about throwing a smaller event, give us a call or contact us. We are able to assist you with any questions you may. Have a safe get together!

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