Hosting a Small Business Event

Hosting a small corporate event in these times can be a little tricky.

Hosting corporate events is not exactly like hosting a party. It requires a different mindset. These events are more on a professional than personal basis. We can help you keep that in mind.

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Be selective with who is going to be invited. Being a corporate event most invitees will be attending. Remember like any other event, there will always be people showing up that were not originally on the attendees list.


Choosing the correct location will reflect on your business. Treat them like a business partner. After all, the venue projects the image of you and your company. Also, try and pick a centralized location. Somewhere that’s too out of the way will make people ponder if they will attend.


Of course there will be talks going on. It doesn’t matter if all you need is just a podium or you need a full A/V presentation, you should have everything ready in advance. Test everything first, the last thing you need is to be eating up valuable time trying to fix a problem with the equipment.

Stick to Your Plan

Set up your plan and try to stick to it. Make yourself a timeline as to what will be happening and when. If you plan on having special guests or speakers, always have a backup plan just in case something comes up with them.

Setup a time schedule also. This way things don’t take up the time that you need for other issues. The last thing you need is for the meeting to be over and important issues were never discussed.

Food and Beverage

There should always be some refreshments at any corporate event. Whether you want to serve food or not is up to you and the budget you have set, but there should always be some type of snack. Consult a local caterer for any advice you may need. If you are not familiar with any local caterers, the venue’s operator can usually recommend one. The one they recommend means they have worked with them before because who they recommend is a reflection of them. Having something to munch on will keep attendees occupied and more focused on the event.

These are some of the major points to keep track of when you a planning a small business event. The Cellar can assist you with anything that you may need. We can also answer any questions you may have about our amenities and options that we can offer for your corporate event. Call or contact us for any suggestions you need in order to plan a smooth event. Good luck on your next event!

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